To Cut with a Knife

The last lunch, I made nasi kuning, pecel sayur, and sambal goreng tempe with boiled fish for my entire family. I use a knife, of course. But on that cooking procces, suddenly I’m compelled to write. Don’t ask me ‘why’.
I’ve been daunted every time using a knife. I stopped suddenly in the middle of cutting activities–often with the state of bulging eyes, swallowed hard, like trying to wake up from sleep.
There is a common dream of human encounter. To dream pee in the bathroom, and when we realized, we wake up in a wet mattress! The dream was feels so real. That kind of dream makes me feel worry when do cut with a knife. I must ensure that I cut tempe, tofu, vegetables, or other food ingredients. Not a human or a part of animal body.
I ensure don’t having a very real dream, in which I was stabbed and cut what should not be cut.
I always worry that I’m just living in a dream.


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